Military Aviation

P-3C/N Orion

The P-3C Orion is a long-range maritime aircraft that can be equipped with weapons such as torpedoes and depth charges. The primary tasks for the Orion are Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and maritime patrol. In addition to sub hunting, the P-3 is now called upon for peacekeeping and relief missions around the world.


Main roles

* The Orion is equipped with a SKAD (Survival Kit Air Droppable). This life-raft can be dropped with great precision and can hold ten people.

All four Orion's have been through the Update Improvement Program replacing and updating the Electronic Support Measures, main computer and radar systems. A substantial addition with UIP program is the Self Protection System, including Chaff and Flares.


Engine: 4 x Allison T56-A-14 Turboprop Engines
Length: 116.8 ft / 35.6 m
Height: 38.7 ft / 11.8 m
Wingspan: 99.7 ft / 30.4 m
Service ceiling: 28000 feet, Max: 30.000+ feet
Takeoff run at sea level: 4,240 ft / 1297.3 m
Max. landing distance: 2,900 ft / 883.9 m
Max. speed at 15,000 ft: 380 KTAS
Long-range cruise speed at 25,000 ft: 350 KTAS
Loiter speed at 1,050 ft: 203 KTAS
Max. endurance: 16 hours
Max. takeoff gross weight (2.5 g): 142,000 lb / 64,410.1 kg
Max. landing gross weight (2.25 g): 103,880 lb / 47,119.1 kg
Fuel capacity: 62,560 lb / 28,376.7 kg
Armaments: Seven Torpedoes (612 lbs), depth charges and Mk 82 bombs

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