Military Aviation

Dassault Fan Jet Falcon 20C

In December 1972 the RNoAF bought two used Fan Jet Falcon planes from Fred Olsen Flyveselskap with serial #041 & #053. In 1976 they completed their upgrades in USA and became fully equipped for their new tasks of blocking and jamming enemy's radar and radio communications. The aircraft are also used for testing navigation and approach-control aids as well as being a tool to keep pilots active.

In 1979 the RNoAF got another Fan Jet Falcon (serial #0125). This plane is used for calibration purposes, VIP transportation of the Royal family, the government and the Chief of Defence.


Engine: Two (Garret) TFE 731 each producing 4750 lbs of thrust
Length: 17,2 m (56,4 feet)
Height: 5,3 m (17,4 feet)
Wingspan: 16,3 m (53,5 feet)
Speed: Max. 450 ktas (Mach 0,82); Default: 420 ktas (Mach 0,73)
Service ceiling: 42000 feet (12700 m)
Max. take-off weight: 29100 pound (13200 kg)
Range: Normal range: 1,5 - 3 hours; Max: 5 hours
Armaments: None, but the aircraft has chaff and flares for protection
Crew: Maximum six persons

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